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21 July 2009 @ 04:15 pm

Out of Character Information
Name: Okuyukashii. Oku.
Livejournal: [info]xokuyukashiix
Are you 15 or older?: Yup.
Email: okuyukashii@hotmail.com
AIM: none
MSN: okuyukashii@hotmail.com
Yahoo: maleinia6@yahoo.com
Anything Else: Nope.

In Character Information
Name: Tayuya.
Age: March 9, 1986. 23.
Position: Part-time job at The Melody Calls.
Tayuya knew how to act - that was the first thing.
It was funny how much nicer people were to a cheery-looking young woman than the asocial alley-lurker she actually was. It's not in her nature to be friendly, so she has to make an effort to appear so. Maybe it had to do with the fact that dependence was something she detested, and to rely so much on a person was disgusting to her. She hates a lot of things, actually. She doesn't like large groups of people, certain types of music, and...well, people in general. Usually. She's not happy most of the time, and ironically, the only time she is, is after she's gone through some stress relief. Namely, breaking things and being aggressive towards other street-dwellers.
She's not a feminist, but she absolutely hates chauvinists. Tayuya thinks that the day she befriends one is the day she wins a billion dollars and puts behind her street life for good.
She speaks kindly only when she has her mask on. If someone asks her about the manner of speaking she usually had, she's not sure she can answer. She supposes 'blunt', 'crude' and 'sardonic' would be a few adjectives that may fit.
She wouldn't say that she uses people. But even she has to admit that the acquaintances she makes are only to get her through life alive. She almost feels bad, but that's only her sense of morality speaking.
Tayuya has been alone for as long as she can remember. She has the vague memory of the people at the orphanage telling her once that her mother was a very nice-looking woman who dropped her off at the asylum with a frantic look backwards and a quick, "Her name is Tayuya."
Tayuya likes to think that there was something dangerous concerning her birth, or at least something with a bit of adventure - she likes excitement.
That would explain why, at the age of ten, she simply left the place. Darting in and out of dark street corners and sneaking tiny possessions out of people's pockets became her life. It is for that reason that she still has a bit of prejudice towards the richer side of the population.
It was a miracle that she survived, but she credited that to her ever-present paranoia and excellent acting ability.
After all, she managed to convince the school board that she did indeed, have a family. Tayuya was rather proud of the years of parent-teacher meetings she managed to skip and thought that she might put that on a résumé sometime if it were appropriate.
The first thing she did when she arrived at the new city was look for a job. She smiled her way through five interviews, and tried not to chuck things at the employers' heads. Finally, her natural gift for the flute (that she discovered during the interview) landed her a job at an out-of-the-way music store named The Melody Calls.
Some little part of Tayuya wishes sometimes, that she'd learn how to make a real friend. That could be why she came here - to find something else in herself.
Her old city held nothing more for her, so she came here - wherever this place was. To Tayuya , travelling has always been a matter of putting on foot in front of the other.

Anything Else?:
Tayuya never wasted what little money she had on luxuries, but she discovered that she very much liked wearing hats. It's the only frivolity she allows herself.
In Character Example Journal: You know, if I were new to the city, this place would scare the hell out of me. Something about the darkness draws me closer, though, and I smile in relief as I arrive at this place I call home.
Finally, I can relax. Do you think it's easy to be suspicious of everyone who passes you? I wouldn't...choose this life. But I'm living it anyways, so what can I do?